Business Intelligence
Sequel Support is offering small and medium-sized enterprises a way to make the most of their data by leveraging Microsoft Power BI to deliver commercial insight capable of driving business efficiencies and thus increasing profits. Michael Zellhorn, MD of Sequel Support, says SMEs often don’t have the in-house expertise to use Power BI to its
Cloud computing
Lockdown is an ideal time for SA SMEs to move servers to the cloud. The 21-day lockdown and the expected economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic make this an ideal time for companies to complete their move to cloud computing, says Sequel Support. “We’re already seeing some sectors suffering serious losses, and we can expect

Corona Virus

Business at Sequel Support will continue largely as normal whilst the lockdown is enforced. It is important for us during this trying time to make sure that our staff stay healthy, and our clients stay happy. To accomplish both, we’ve set up a system that allows our staff to work remotely so that any questions,
database administration support
Sequel Support – Cape Town-based database support specialist, has launched an innovative tool, Hyperion, to automate the monitoring of databases. Hyperion was developed in-house and is already integrated into the company’s managed services offering. Now, however, organisations that perform their own monitoring can buy the tool for a monthly fee per server. “In today’s world,