The Ultimate Tool for Superior Database Monitoring

In today’s world, data is the true competitive differentiator, and so database performance has become even more important than it ever was.  Hyperion automates the monitoring of databases. It was developed in-house by database specialists and is already integrated into Sequel Support’s managed services offering. 

Hyperion enables organisations of all sizes to manage all their databases more effectively and reliably, while, at the same time, reducing the number of administrators required and consequently, costs.

Per incident support  is available so that particularly difficult issues can be escalated to our support desk for expert, quick resolution without having to subscribe to a monthly retainer.

The tool has been designed to alert administrators to potential issues, enabling them to take a proactive approach to resolving problems.  It includes the auditing of data definition language (DDL) statements for enterprise environments.  Hyperion makes monitoring organisations’ databases easier and more accurate.


Access up-to-date info about your SQL Servers.

The health of your SQL Server databases is important. System information like memory usage and user connections over time can be automatically collected. SQL Server insight is great when done right!

Monitor the SQL data you care about.

Choose the SQL info that matters to you most. With a fully customizable dashboard you can easily monitor the SQL info that is important to you. You can create multiple widgets on your dashboard to monitor all aspects of your SQL server’s health.

View and customize charts & graphs.

Quickly see the health of your SQL server with illustrative Charts and graphs. You can even track changes to your system over time to assist in improving your SQL Server Database.

Get fully automated SQL database monitoring.

Health checks are run regularly to effectively display info that is accurate and up-to-date. Retrieve information about your SQL databases on your network automatically.