Database servers are some of the most important resources within your business, which makes a server monitoring tool a prerequisite for database performance and availability.


Access up-to-date info about your SQL Servers.

The health of your SQL Server databases is important. System information like memory usage and user connections over time can be automatically collected. SQL Server insight is great when done right!

Monitor the SQL data you care about.

Choose the SQL info that matters to you most. With a fully customizable dashboard you can easily monitor the SQL info that is important to you. You can create multiple widgets on your dashboard to monitor all aspects of your SQL server’s health.

View and customize charts & graphs.

Quickly see the health of your SQL server with illustrative Charts and graphs. You can even track changes to your system over time to assist in improving your SQL Server Database.

Get fully automated SQL database monitoring.

Health checks are run regularly to effectively display info that is accurate and up-to-date. Retrieve information about your SQL databases on your network automatically.