Consulting Services
Our Consulting Services provides customers with access to any of our services by purchasing time from Sequel Support.
Managed Services & Outsourcing
Our Service Support & Managed Service contract provides customers access to specific services that are contracted with service level agreements & typically consist of 12 to 36 month  service engagements.
 Per Incident Support
Our Per Incident Support provides customers with access to any of our services at a flat rate per question asked. This is cost effective for break-fix type incidents without having a    retainer.
Software Development: Integration Services, Reporting Services & Analysis Services
We are well versed in developing software for integration, reporting & Business Intelligence & can provide fixed cost pricing for a project.

Additional Services: 

Database Management & Administration

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Database Housekeeping & Reports.
  • Monitoring database performance.
  • Monitoring replication.
  • Monitor, investigate and report on SQL Agent job failures.
  • Data file and disk space monitoring and management.
  • Database Index and statistics maintenance.
  • Integrity checks.
  • Review storage utilization and disk space growth planning.
  • Review and inform customer of deviations and breaches against security checklist.

Database Security Management:
Protecting the database environment from unauthorized access.
Agree security governance standard with the customer.
Apply agreed security standard and administer access accordingly, so that:

  • Data inside the database are kept secure
  • Security related patches are applied when necessary
  • Granting and revoking of user access to data is controlled
  • Remote logins are administered in accordance with the security standard

Database Optimization

tuning and performance monitoring to keep databases running optimally.

  • Configuration and tuning of database parameters in accordance with best practices
  • Periodically reorganize indexes to reduce fragmentation
  • Monitor fragmentation and set index page fill values accordingly
  • Identify hardware, software and process performance improvement opportunities and notify customer of these opportunities.

Database Architecture
Evaluation of customer supplied database design and preparation of recommendations for improvement on the design.
Database Quality Assurance
Quality assurance for database structure and code changes made to databases, covering:

  • Audit and evaluate database structures in accordance with industry standard best practices and customer’s standards and specifications.
  • Recommend changes to database design and formally raise issues where design does not conform to adopted standards and specifications.

Database Deployment
SQL Server version upgrades, applying SQL Server service packs and data migrations can be managed as part of agreed projects.

  • Notifying the customer when new service packs become available
  • Applying service packs and patches as agreed with business systems owners
  • Supply implementation, back out and test plans
  • Deploy according to change management procedures

Database Decommissioning
Ensure environment contains only those resources that are actually used and ensure final backups are created before databases are removed.
Database Security - Industry Compliance
Vulnerability Assessments

  • Vulnerability assessments and scanning of the database infrastructure
  • Provide security hardening recommendations

Compliance Consultation: PCI

  • Consultation and solution implementation on the Payment Card Industry security standard
  • Assist in the overall PCI compliance programme covering all sections of PCI

Management - Processes & Procedures
Sequel Support subscribes to frameworks such as ITiL and MOF and will develop customised processes for customers to manage database environment.
Database Availibility Solutions Designs
Evaluate customer’s availability requirements and design cost effective solutions in support of uptime requirements.

  • High Availability: 99.x% and above
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery

Emergency Support
Provide support on a 24×7 basis for all Database support related issues. This service is only available for customers who have signed a support agreement. For immediate emergency SQL Server assistance we have 24 hour on-call Microsoft SQL Server Certified experts to provide you with expert support on any SQL Server emergency. Our emergency services include:

  • Working with Microsoft Technical Support on bug identification
  • Performing database crash recovery
  • Troubleshooting and resolving performance issues
  • Applying patches
  • Relieving database bottlenecks
  • Assisting with emergency hardware configuration

Software Development
Sequel Support has vast experience in developing software with the below technologies:

  • SSIS
  • SSRS
  • SSAS


  • C#
  • Winforms
  • Web Services


  • Web Applications
  • Web Services